4 for Obama 2012

What are the four things that President Obama should keep in mind for 2012?


The consequences of making promises that cannot be kept.



Americans who follow the news know two things so far about Barack Obama’s reelection campaign.  Somehow—although we’re not quite sure where or why—it has already begun.  And Obama is prepared to put a lot of money toward a second term.


Moving On

Buying and selling a house is the classic American middle class rite of passage.  Or at least it was in the twentieth century.  I’m not sure about this one; I rather think that by the end of the twenty-first we will have adopted a style of nesting more suitable to the times than single-family dwelling.  But since I will not see that era, really I can speak only about mine—the now of the past thirty-five years in which my husband and I have had the same home in Oakland, California.


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