The Essential Obama, 3. Complexifier

Here is Barack Obama’s gift.  He is comfortable in this new world of complexity (to which I referred in my last post) as many of us fellow Americans are not.  I have coined the word complexifier to describe this essential part of him in order to characterize his core vision:  bringing together the disparate—people and things some of which are already difficult, multi-faceted and therefore not easily and accurately defined—in order to create the intricate organism that, by the very nature of the way the world works today, is the necessary vehicle of an American legacy for future generations.

Complex thought is a disadvantage in the political sphere.  For this reason, among others, President Obama has been losing our confidence.  His fellow Democrats, Washington pundits and voters alike have placed the blame here solely upon the president himself, whereas most of the burden is ours.  Why?  Because all of us—with just the few exceptions to prove the rule—are refusing to lift our chins to that bar of higher complexity. (more…)

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