Random Ruminations on the Republican Contenders

Various and sundry behaviors by the Republican clutch of presidential hopefuls don’t bother me much.  My family–ancestors–had some experience with the quirks of governors.  Sam Houston, for example, spent his honeymoon*** (the first–he married three times) at Travellers Rest, my five-greats grandfather’s home south of Nashville.  

Houston’s wedding night was memorable enough to have earned a place in family lore.  His young bride was caught by surprise? unable to hide her revulsion? unwilling to hide her revulsion? at the old war wound in Houston’s groin that oozed and stank to high heaven.  Caught off-guard? Shamed? Unmanned?–Houston freaked out and cowered, crouched, naked and gibbering, in the corner of the house’s best bedroom all night long.  (more…)

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