Jodi Kantor’s Michelle Obama

The September 2007 issue of Vogue, weighing five pounds, has more ad pages than any magazine issue before or since.  For that reason, as well as the lavishness and glitz of the products on display, both in the ads and in the articles, the issue now has the dubious distinction of icon:  exemplar of the profligacy that would lead shortly to the Great Recession.  Michelle Obama occupies a big fashion photo spread in the issue.  In one memorable shot, she reclines, posed sinuously—the better to emphasize the long curve of her backless designer evening dress.

Now I challenge you to find online any photographic record of this particular Michelle Obama fashion shoot (Annie Leibovitz, no less).  Although the accompanying article, written in that Vogueish effervescent style, is readily available, the photographs—well, it’s as if they never existed. (more…)

Iowa Caucuses 2012

Suppose I should put in my two cents on the Iowa caucuses, even though, unlike in 2008, I have not been covering them up close and personal.  Indeed it is a palsied finger tapping at the computer since I have just returned from a fraught week in Chicago, where my family gathered for a nephew’s New Year’s Eve wedding.  The ceremony was glorious, but my husband, older daughter and I all came down with stomach flu and are still recovering.  First thing husband lost our house key.  First thing husband, who had not been out-of-communication for more than a four-hour plane ride, had to deal with the worst Apple crisis of his career.  (Wish I could tell you all–quite a story, with far-reaching consequences.) All this–not to mention the usual family tensions and meltdowns that accompany nuptials and later embroider wedding lore.  Coda:  lost baggage.

Enough of that.  On to Iowa.  Here is the one thing you need to know about tonight. (more…)

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