American Media: Other Half of the Story

For those of you dear readers who presume that I am going forward with more stories about the dastardly behavior and stupidity of reporters as a way to illustrate what’s gone terribly wrong with American media–you are about to be disabused.  I am not.  And for the record, most of the newsgathering reporters I have met–well, it’s been an honor and a privilege–and they work long and woefully underpaid hours, under pressure to do more and more work across more and more media platforms, at greater speed–and during most of those hours (if not every single minute, but then we are all human, yes?) they try their damnedest to be fair.

Good reporters cannot rest until they feel they have found the whole of a story, as if such were the holy grail, the righteousness after which we are supposed to hunger and thirst and then be fed.  I know, I know, immediately appearing in mind are any number of well-known pundits, bloggers and cable TV personalities who do not seem to fit my description.  But now take a minute and think about it.  Every profession has its hacks–law, medicine, mechanics, priesthood.  It’s a rare and precious day when you encounter someone who has a calling to do what he or she does.  My latest is a dentist in New York, a Ukrainian immigrant–so, yes, now I will be going to NYC for my dental work.  I don’t know about good dentists (paucity or plethora), but I do know, having met them, that there are enough fine reporters laying down for posterity the American narrative that I can assert, as I did yesterday, that bias, liberal or otherwise, is not the problem. (more…)

Does American Media Have A Liberal Bias?

Several months ago I quit my blog.  A tangled decision.  I had a number of health issues, long ignored, to tackle.  (FYI, total knee replacement is one of those experiences that devour you mind, body and soul—for awhile.)  Also, I felt I had nothing left to say about politics & media.  Why should I continue to weigh in when all of us are inundated with too much information and commentary, as it is?  I don’t know about you, but increasingly I am finding the noise tedious and wearisome.


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