Clueless Journalist

January 19, my book Notes from a Clueless Journalist:  Media, Bias and the Great Election of 2008 is available as an e-book from Amazon for Kindle and from for iPhone, BlackBerry and computer (there via Adobe’s free digital reader).  Soon it will be available on additional sites, as well.  Whatever the book’s faults, even a quick skim would seem to be worth the price of a movie ticket.  I hope.

Last March I finished the first draft; then I spent months trying to pitch the book to agents. Fruitless task.  Fed up–and given the reality that the politics third of the book has a short shelf life–I decided to publish Clueless myself as an e-book.  Kinda appropriate, in the end–since I covered the 2008 election for an internet news site. (more…)

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