The Meg and Jerry Show: Before Labor Day


YouTube Preview ImageNext week I’ll be covering the California Republican Convention, autumn version.  Hopefully, there will be more to report from the trail of the loping gubernatorial race.  But for now it’s Meg & Jerry, August style.

The Meg & Jerry Show: Week Five

Wheeeere’s Jerry?

(Got the sheep, though.)

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The Meg & Jerry Show: Week Four

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The jock battle for the hearts and minds–scratch that–the votes, of Californians.

The Meg & Jerry Show: Week Three

Here you have it.  The further adventures of Meg Whitman, Republican, and Jerry Brown, Democrat, in the California gubernatorial race.  Why are they dressed for a night in the ER?  Tune in and find out.

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The Meg & Jerry Show: Week Two

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By mid-June, politicos ponder the eternal conundrum:  if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear, does the crash make a sound?  Keep that in mind if you have nothing better to do than watch The Meg & Jerry Show in mid-summer.

The Meg & Jerry Show: Week One

If you like funky homespun summer-in-the-California-sun poli-fun, check out the first of what (I hope) will be a series of weekly videos on the state gubernatorial race.  I call it:  The Meg and Jerry Show.

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Video: Patriot of Tea

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William Temple, pastor of a black Baptist church in Georgia and a history re-enactor, plays at the Tea Party Convention, Nashville.

Video: McCain Tea

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Dr. Ray, an attorney and law professor from Pennsylvania, talks McCain tea.

Tea Party Videos Nashville

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Mark Skoda, organizer of the Tea Party Convention, speaks with a German reporter.  Thursday evening meet-and-greet, Tea Party Convention, Nashville.

Oughter Watch These Otters

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You think you don’t want to watch four otters at work and at play.  Yes, you do.  Five minutes of these guys and you’ll be the most relaxed you’ve been in a year.  It’s been a gray January down in southwest Florida, with the longest spell of freezing temperatures anybody can recall.  Coming back from the beach yesterday at sunset, walking along the berm through the mangroves, I was accompanied by four river otters munching and tumbling their way down the slough.

In the video, you hear the hungriest otter chomp-chomp-chomp one fish after another.  The caterwauling is that of some poor creature suffering piteously in the claws of a hawk circling above.  Trust me.  It’s rejuvenating.  Been reciting bits of my favorite Psalm–number 104–ever since. (more…)

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